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International Awards

LaserTech Canada has proudly received over 11 international awards for laser display performance and projects. As an active member of the International Laser Display Association, our certified team strictly adheres to international safety standards and the ILDA code of ethics.

Our Favorite Work

Mapping is one of the most enjoyable projects. Architectural highlights with sequences outlining massive structures. These effects are as bright as neon and are fully animated.

Permanent Installations

Minimal maintenance is the most important feature of a permanent installation. Simple & safe 'turn key' automated systems are our specialty. 

Multi-Media Synchronization

Performances may be  pre-programmed and synchronized for playback using SMPTE time code, DMX, Artnet, OSC or MIDI.  Video content can also be live converted or 'batch converted' to laser. Options for interactive audio and performer tracking are available.

Custom Interfaces

Interfaces can be custom-made offering all of the display, monitoring and control features necessary for permanent installations. We also offer remote monitoring and fine tuning options.

High Power Systems

Our high-power systems use only the most advanced technology available. Laser sources include OPSL, RaseR fiber lasers, and German diode-combining. Our 35+ watt units provide the power required by todays large-event standards and show riders.

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